Mixel Salinas

I am a facilitator of people, stories, and art.

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In this space you will find poetry, imagery, and journalistic work. I write poems that spill out of daydreams, yearnings, and reflections. I create visuals that zoom into the everyday, the home and the most intimate histories. And I document other people’s stories via interviews. I try to connect every piece of work to a root. Whether it’s as near as our younger selves or as far as our unknown ancestors. All content revolves around themes of womanhood, family, and history.

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A name ever call your name?

I tried not to think of you but your name inevitably invaded It entered uninvited but I never rejected it It’s not that I was avoiding you I just didn’t feel it was the right time We both needed the distance I can sense that now that we’re away An unspoken agreement...

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Mom made us a home held the sandía while he sliced it again and again.   Piece meant to make us think about the differences in how we internally and publicly recognize the value of a mother’s and father’s contributions within a nuclear...

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Uprooted Love

The mountains guard love that will soon be despair as the sunset cools sand that resembles your hair Your cinnamon skin lays right next to mine our bodies form shadows like clouds in the sky Your fingers sink in searching to root into rich land that served as your...

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