Home making is a form of survival

Passed down from those who were always on the move

From San Luis Potosi to Guadalajara

From Mesquite to Guadalajara

From La Cañada to Guadalajara

From Guadalajara to the Los Angeles

Always on the move

Could not afford to not know how to make a home

It’s a form of emotional survival.

Getting ready to start the day, clean face, clean hands, clean mind. 

Contemplating life.

Virgin Mary always by my side, taking care of me, keeping me company and guiding me from above. 

UCLA bear reminding me what I’m capable of. 

No me joda mug helping me release stress.

Luggage by the door, just more life to be re-arranged. 

Putting up old art that I no longer love but feels familiar enough in this foreign space. 

Figuring out what perspective I want to explore next. 

Positioning and repositioning to see what feels best.

I carry a ring from Chiapas, where it all began. Still fits too big, but someday I’ll develop enough wisdom to fill it up. 

In the meantime, filling up with No me joda coffee. Building up the tolerance to bullshit. 

And constantly staying in touch with my black jade heart, to keep me from getting jaded. 

While hanging up simple art that reminds me of the fun commodifications/addictions in life, like coffee and wine. 

Measuring an art piece that may or may not be relevant anymore. It fell off the wall a few days later, so I guess the answer was, no. 

Touching a crystal that Cristal gave me. She polished it herself. She’s always reminding me, that I can do it myself. 

And sometimes I just gaze off into the sky,  because that helps me stay grounded. 

Wash off the day from my face. Wash off the tire and wash off the strain.

Pick up the fist to remember my ancestors’ work and sacrifice. 

I keep a picture of young dad, his captured youth gives me energy. 

Then I look at pictures of Mike and I, and grow so excited and motivated to make a beautiful life for ourselves. 

La lucha es como un circulo. Se puede empezar and cualquier punto, pero nunca termina. 

The fight is like a circle. One can start at any point, but it never ends. 

This was the core of this grounding ritual. I developed this during a time when I needed that reminder – to just keep going. 

But now, it’s more of a reminder to stay true. to not give up, to stay connected, and make a home wherever I go.