Many periods ago, I shared my frustration around my inconsistent menstrual cycle and heavy bleeding via social media. I really just wanted to vent and talk openly about periods with other womxn. The outcome of this chismosa initiative was perfect.

Being drunk & then leaving a tampon inside you, & completely forgetting about it. Only for you to find it the next day when he was eating you out & fingering you.

Anonymous 1

I was taking a swim class at CC. One day I started bleeding heavily during my workout. I left & when I was showering, I realized what was happening when I saw trails of diluted blood in the locker room. I had left the class early so (from what I know) no one had seen the blood for the exception of one woman. I took my cap and filled it with water to wash away the blood on the floor. Imagine me running back n forth from the shower to fill my cap with water. I never moved so fast in my life.

Anonymous 2

…the way my cycle set up, every 3 years it will fall on Christmas day. I was feeling so shitty one year. Cramps, chills, nausea, headache, whole nine and the only thing that made me feel better was laying my head [on] my Grandmother’s lap and her rubbing my head. I swear she rubbed my head for hours that day.

Anonymous 3

Thanks to these womxn who shared their stories. I cringed, I laughed and my heart felt warm. It was nice to feel that I’m not alone.