Mixel Salinas

I am a facilitator of people, stories, and art.

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In this space you will find poetry, imagery, and journalistic work. I write poems that spill out of daydreams, yearnings, and reflections. I create visuals that zoom into the everyday, the home and the most intimate histories. And I document other people’s stories via interviews. I try to connect every piece of work to a root. Whether it’s as near as our younger selves or as far as our unknown ancestors. All content revolves around themes of womanhood, family, and history.

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Old Patterns

I’m attracted to travelers before learning they’ll soon fly away My soul knows better than to fall in love with someone who will make me stay So I’ll keep loving those who would rather leave And meet them again in my nostalgic...

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Searching for you

I yearn to find you and fight for you, with you, alongside you I yearn for you to hold my face and brush my hair away from my eyes to gaze deeply into them As we enter each other's universe and become one Until your touch feels embedded in my skin And my kisses...

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raíces de mi padre

  "Raíces de mi padre," shows my father interacting with the figurative land of his home country and the physical land of his receiving country. He was out in the backyard, doing his thing, as usual, and I was compelled to capture. This audiovisual...

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