Mixel Salinas

I am a facilitator of people, stories, and art.

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In this space you will find poetry, imagery, and journalistic work. I write poems that spill out of daydreams, yearnings, and reflections. I create visuals that zoom into the everyday, the home and the most intimate histories. And I document other people’s stories via interviews. I try to connect every piece of work to a root. Whether it’s as near as our younger selves or as far as our unknown ancestors. All content revolves around themes of womanhood, family, and history.

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Period Happy & Horror Stories

Many periods ago, I shared my frustration around my inconsistent menstrual cycle and heavy bleeding via social media. I really just wanted to vent and talk openly about periods with other womxn. The outcome of this chismosa initiative was perfect.      ...

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Home Making Rituals

Home making is a form of survival Passed down from those who were always on the move From San Luis Potosi to Guadalajara From Mesquite to Guadalajara From La Cañada to Guadalajara From Guadalajara to the Los Angeles Always on the move Could not afford to not know how...

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Letting Fear Go

I wish I could remember the building I snuck into that night. I’d climb back to its roof and thank the winds and trees that teamed up to speak to me. I’d reassure them that I gave into their message. I’d tell them I learned to believe in me and my ability to love and...

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